30 Januari 2006

International Internet-free Day

Tje real World Need You Apakah internet membuat anda kecanduan? membuat anda lebih sering beraktifitas di dunia maya daripada di dunia Nyata?

Adalah sebuah ide menetapkan tanggal 29 January sebagai "Hari bebas Internet Sedunia" Pada Tanggal tersebut diharapkan semua orang meninggalkan aktifitas online dan menikmati "dunia Nyata". Sebagai catatan ini bukanlah sebuah kampanye anti internet. Baca secara detail artikel dibawah.

Btw, agak telat nih postingnya (kelewat sehari), tapi tanggal 29 kemarin saya ga on-line loh. Ha..ha..


Have you started tilting your head sideways to smile? When you check your e-mail and it says "No new messages", do you immediately check again? Do you dream in HTML? You could be spending too much time on the Internet. So Sunday January 29th has come along at the right time, as it is International Internet-Free Day.

An idea promoted by the online democratic think-tank the Global Ideas Bank, Internet-Free Day is a day to log off, get out and enjoy the real world.

Why an Internet-Free Day?

- Because it's all too easy to miss out on face-to-face interaction with your family, friends and neighbours.
- Because the net can be addictive, and a day of cold turkey won't hurt.
- Because blogging doesn't provide your daily vitamins and minerals.
- Because you've got RSI coming on in your mouse arm.
- Because we all need time to reflect.
- Because the real world is a wonderful place.
- Because if the mere idea of it enrages you, you definitely need it

We're not alone in our opinion here. There are companies who have e-mail free Fridays, there are internet addiction courses and camps, and there are studies into the psychological effects of excessive internet use. And we're only suggesting one day off from the internet (including e-mail)…and it's a Sunday. And, an ISP, Bulldog, is backing us. Their marketing director, David Ferguson,said the company was supporting the day: “We want people to make the most of their lives. The internet should be adding to our lives, not taking away from it. To mark 'International Internet-Free day', we're encouraging net users to shut down their PC and spend the time away with friends and family.”

Obviously, there is a certain irony to a web-based project promoting an internet-free day, but this is not an anti-internet campaign. The web has brought numerous benefits to hundreds of thousand of people, be it through easier communication, networks of support, consumer choice, access to news and information or co-ordinating campaigns and donations to help others.

Nevertheless, we should remind ourselves periodically of what is truly important: friends, family, health and freedom. So stay off the e-mail, unplug the PC, escape the clutches of the web and head off into the real world: on Internet-Free Day, Sunday January 29th 2006.

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copy paste dari situs Global Ideas

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I think you may like an idea i am trying to promote as of a couple of days ago. I call it a Commfree Day and the idea is to have one day a month without any media and information technologies. I blogged about it in more detail and you are mostly welcome to take a look, let me know what you think, join in, and spread the word if interested.

Thank you!