11 Juni 2003

Virgin Love

So, I can't forget you, I won't hate you
No matter how much I am hurt
hey Listen to my voice!
Laugh lightly!

Why do I have painful uneasiness?
Even when distance gets in the way of 2 people
they won't choose such a smooth Fade Out

It's not a lie because I feel it's "destiny"
Love isn't the same the 2nd time, so it's Virgin Love
I want to protect my Far-off "wedding dream" Day!
But right now, "Ah" I want to meet you!

So, I can't forget you
I won't hate you
No matter how much I'm hurt, I love you
Though a sad rumor tests my feelings
I'm unable to sleep. Sighing isn't like me
An unending Memory is what I'm holding onto

There's only one Love, that's why it's Virgin Love
I believe someday will be my "wedding dream"!
But "Ah" I want to meet you this way