29 Desember 2002

Fukai Mori

I'm sure that the heart I left behind
still lies hidden in the heart of the deep, deep forest.

Exhausted, without the strength to search
people vanish into the infinite darkness.

If it's so small, I wonder if I can see it even now?

As we live on,
we lose a little bit more.
Shrouded in falsehoods and lies,
we stand frozen to the spot, unable to cry out

The days pass by and change, without us
even realizing how blue the sky really is.

Overcoming that made-up scheme, we live the present,
and our rusted hearts begin to beat again!

If we can find the rhythm of time,
we can fly once again

We live our lives
wandering to the ends of the earth.
Closing off the way back,
we walk on for eternity.

We live our lives standing frozen to the spot,
unable to cry out, for eternity...