06 Juni 2007

ITM Certified

tivoli Alhamdulillah, kemarin ambil exam 000-890 "IBM Tivoli Monitoring v6.1 di executrain dan lulus dengan skor 840. Lumayan lah untuk saya yang masih sedikit pengalaman implementasi ITM.

Dear Ech,

Certification: IBM Certified Deployment Professional -- Tivoli Monitoring V6.1

Congratulations on achieving your IBM certification! Your certificate(s) are attached below, in .PDF file format. You can view your certificate, using Adobe Acrobat V5.0 or higher, or print it on any high quality color printer. You have also earned the right to identify yourself as an IBM Certified Professional using the IBM Certified for Tivoli Software mark on your business cards and correspondence.

To obtain your certificate, please visit the IBM Certification Member Site at www.ibm.com/certify/members. Select "Member Services" and then "Certificate Requests." We also ask that you update your Address Information, including your personal data privacy options. These privacy options help us know how to best communicate with you, and enable you to let us know if your certification status can be provided to others.

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Buku Perananku mengatakan...

assalamualaikum wr wb
hai mas ech..
ini shofa piksi.
aku mo nanya2 soal IBM tivoli ini boleh gaa? mailnya apaan?
mailku shofa@esdm.go.id yaaa