18 Agustus 2005

Which StarTrek Species are U?

cardassianiseng-iseng ikutan quiz Which StarTrek Species are you, hasilnya adalah......

You scored:
53 % Aggressivness,
40 % Technology, and
73 % Social Enlightenment!

Homeworld: Cardassia
The Cardassians are a dominant, aggressive people. As a rule, Cardassians are a bit of a paradox. As a group they are aggressive, but a lone Cardassian will be extremely cautious. They are extremely good record-keepers, meticulous about every detail yet their level of technology is not high - their space stations are often found in states of disrepair and their engineering standards are not high. Although they are a war-like people, they are also extremely devoted to family, with a high respect for the elderly, seeing age as a sign of power and dignity. Cardassians also highly value education, seeing knowledge as power. As a Cardassian, you are also somewhat of a paradox. You're very loyal and can be quite selfless, but you are also on the lookout for yourself and if push comes to shove, your going to take care of numero uno and to hell with everyone else. Your sense of self-preservation is extremely well-developed. Your a moral person, well-educated and respect your elders as being wise people who you can learn from. You're also a brave person and if a fight is necessary, you'll be the first one to start a scrap. However, you'll only start a fight if it's necessary and you've got your friends behind you. You won't needlessly put yourself in danger, nor will you start a crusade alone.



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